Caring for Koalas

We have all seen the horror of the Australian bush fires.

It’s believed around fifty thousand koalas (as well as many other animals) have been killed in the disaster.

So, Year 1A decided to hold a “winter breakfast” — freshly baked cakes with hot chocolate — to raise enough money to join the World Wildlife Fund’s charity adoption scheme. With the money they raised, the children in Year 1A have adopted a koala, which they’ve named Fluffy. The money will pay for Fluffy’s care until he can be returned to the wild in Australia.

The Wish Tree

What do our children want to make a better world?

This is the question we asked as we celebrated El Dia de la Paz (The Day of Peace).

Our primary classes wrote their wishes for the world onto coloured shapes.

They hung their wishes on ribbons from one of the trees in our beautiful playground.

What did they wish for?

They wished for peace, safety and friendship for all.

And a few other things too.

Passionate About Poetry

It’s the time of year when our whole school becomes passionate about poetry.

Traditionally, schools in Scotland celebrate Burns Night (the birthday of the famous Scottish poet, Robert Burns) by holding poetry recitals and competitions. Scotland is a long way from our school on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, but a Scottish teacher was determined we should share in one of her country’s favourite cultural events. So now, for the sixth year running, we have held a Burns Night competition, where each class competes to produce a poetry performer par excellence.

Students in every class from Year Two to Year Nine chose a poem to learn and perform for their classmates. The winners were chosen by a mixture of class vote and teacher judgement. Then we all got together in our auditorium to watch the class champions battle it out.Poetry is a great learning tool. All age groups respond to the power of words, and memorising verse is a good workout for the grey matter.As well as learning poems, many classes also wrote their own.The majority of our students don’t have English as their first language, but they were still able to produce some powerful work.Watching them on the stage, we were impressed at the pride they took in their performances, and the enjoyment they gained from sharing some superb poetry.

Getting A Feel For History

Spain is full of fantastic historical sites.Ideal for taking students out of the classroom, so they can get a real feel for times gone by.Our Year Fours thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Castell de Santa Bárbara in Alicante.After all, it’s a lot easier to imagine what it was like to live in a castle if you’ve been inside one. Plus, Santa Bárbara has some wonderfully energetic tour guides, who really help bring history to life.

Alien Crash Landing

Our Year 1 journalists discovered a crash site in our school playground!They inspected the evidence and recorded notes and observations. They came to the conclusion the rocket belonged to alien lifeforms. Now they’re busy writing news reports about the event.It was an exciting way to launch this term’s learning theme: space.

A Bouquet of Carols


If you want to feel in the mood for Christmas, there’s no better way than by enjoying songs and carols sung by a choir of children.

In Year 2, there was festive cheer throughout their recital.

The colourful hats and gloves were the perfect compliment to a wonderful little Christmas concert.

And after that, we all had some chocolate and churros.

Merry Christmas!

The Magical Christmas Jigsaw


Every Christmas, our primary classes put on a festive show. 

Year 5 and Year 6 put a huge amount of effort into their performance of an ensemble piece called The Magical Christmas Jigsaw.

The play recreates the Nativity story, seen through the eyes of modern children, who have come across an enchanted jigsaw puzzle.

Each piece of the jigsaw shows a different part of the first Christmas, with a full cast of angels, shepherds, kings, inn-keepers and of course, the holy couple and their newborn baby.

The show was also full of catchy songs and dance numbers, a few jokes and plenty of pizzazz.

But probably the best thing about it, was how much the Year 5 and 6 players enjoyed themselves on stage.

A proper Yuletide treat!

Making Merry


In Year 1, we celebrated the festive season with singing, dancing and Christmas crafting.

Even our mums and dads joined in the making activities, so we all got into the Yuletide mood.

We love Christmas!

High Kicks at Christmas


Our taekwondo club is a fairly recent addition to the school’s extra-curricular activities, but its popularity has grown at a rapid rate.The martial art originated in Korea. The name taekwondo literally translates as the way of the foot and the fist.As you can see, precision high kicks formed the main part of the end-of-term display given by our young martial arts students.

Taekwondo is great exercise and involves the excitement of hand-to-hand (and foot-to-foot!) combat.

At the end of every session, the combatants are encouraged to seek a moment of mindful relaxation.

No wonder they enjoy taekwondo so much!

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